IR Verdict: PAPER CASTLES is an engrossing, intricate character study replete with captivating surprises right up until the very last act—an emotional, satisfying journey that should not be missed....​ More than a simple contemporary romance, Lee manages to balance intrigue, historical events, and courtroom drama that feels cinematic...Author Terri Lee weaves a perfectly paced and tightly plotted story in PAPER CASTLES. ...The prose sparkles with turns of phrase that carry as much personality as the southern characters that inhabit the novel. Lee’s personification of emotions is incredible, and she makes use of this device where it counts: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​— Indie Reader

""I don't have a lot of time and I would find myself grabbing the book every spare minute I had. I would think, what is Kate doing?"    - bookbaby

"This book is a must read for any Jane Austen fan. I read the book in a day as I found I simply could not put it down! This is a page turning tale of subtle surprises , adventure and amazing details."   - booklvr

"Truly loved this book from start to finish.... made me laugh out loud and cry with joy and sadness."   -lulu

​Paper Castles

The Bootlegger's Wife

A love Stoy

Life had been well planned for Frances Durant, but she was quite fond of saying, "I rarely do what's expected of me. " In the summer of 1919 she, like the rest of the country, was ready to throw off the gray days of war and laugh again, now that the 1920s were about to come roaring onto the scene and change everything. What she wasn't ready for was a tall, tanned Marine fresh from the battlefield and ready to take New York City by storm.
Frankie Lee was just the sort of guy to sweep a restless young heiress off her feet. The sort of man who could see that her sass was a thin veil covering an emptiness, a longing and a heart waiting to be found. Their two worlds collide on the dance floor and set in motion a love story that careens through the twenties, when the world thought the parties would never end, to the crash of 1929 and the devastation that followed. A brush with the bootleg world, and a tragedy that reaches out from the cold dark night will test their love over and over. 

Life often demands much of love. Sometimes more than a person has left to give. 


Gold Medal Winner in ROMANCE and SILVER winner in Women's Fiction from the coveted

​Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016.

Terri Lee

Editorial ​Reviews and Awards



by Publiishers Weeky.

Book Life Prize In Fiction

 Lee is a gifted storyteller who has penned a romantic tour de force..."
                                                                                 -Suanne Laqueur author of  The Man I Love

"In Ms. Lee's caring and capable hands, the tale of Frankie and Francis is as  intoxicating as Prohibition Moonshine."                                     
                                                                                                  -Gail Choate

Lee’s richly detailed and polished exploration of romance is bolstered by the insight and oftentimes raw exploration of a person’s inner landscape.  While at times the open vulnerability was difficult to read, there was a certain sense of freedom and revelation leading to more personal introspection. The historical references also added dimension and a touchstone glimpse into a time long gone by – yet still relevant. This is an exceptional book.

                                                                                                                    — Book Life by Publishers Weekly Book Life Prize in Fiction 

Terri Lee writes an empowering tale of feminine rediscovery and self-love in a tumultuous time in America’s history... The big point that makes Paper Castles stand out is that it’s visceral and real; it reads like a life truly lived, with all of life’s strengths and weaknesses.

                                                                                                                                                                              — ​Self Publishing Review

​​Lee’s latest is an unexpected romance amid a murder mystery. Set during the early 1960s, Lee’s attention-grabbing narrative offers a glimpse into a disturbing time in U.S. history and its stifling societal mores.  Lee mixes her above-mentioned concepts with other various literary tools, which keeps her narrative fresh and constantly flowing. Such elements include engaging dialogue lightly sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic comments, elusive character traits, and red herrings, to name a few. High on the element list is her incorporation of romance by building sexual tension between her characters.Paper Castles is nothing less than a gripping read.

                                                                                                                                                                   —San Francisco Book Review

​​Named Best Self Published Romance of 2016 By 

The Huffington Post

Back to Austen

Can a storm change a young woman's life forever?
It certainly can if it causes an accident in time that sends her tumbling back to 1815 England.
What is a girl to do when one has fallen through the rabbit hole and wakes up to find oneself on the estate of the dashing William Austen? Well the only sensible thing of course is to play along with the story one has landed in. A case of mistaken identity sends Kate Sumner into the arms of the local Sumner family, where she is welcomed with open hearts. 
She soon learns that not everyone is happy about the sudden appearance of this charming American heiress. Kate must bide her time as she searches for an answer to her predicament, while tip toeing through the minefield of Nineteenth Century rules and customs. 
But will time buy her an opportunity to find love?