Terri Lee

my story


​​​​​Down every road is a story. Rarely is that road straight and smooth. (Besides where's the tale​ in an uneventful trip?) More likely when you swerve to miss a pot hole, you just might run off the road completely.

Yet, it's in those little moments we spend off the beaten path that we find our truest self. 

I say, ditch the map. Toss your itinerary out the window. Turn off your GPS and follow your story. Embrace the twists and turns, the detours and yes,...

even the 'dead ends.'

Back up, start over, and turn left this time.

​My tag line is: Romance may be pretty, but love stories are real.  I chase them down 

with a passion, unwilling to settle for the story on the surface... I dig until I reveal

what's raw and real. 

And that's exactly where I want to be when I'm writing. 

Down deep, where the real story lives.  

Because love is messy.

and glorious.

I want to roll around in a story and fall in love.

Want to come with me?